Frequently Asked Questions

Are the veggies organic?

At this time none of the gardens that supply Harvest of Hope are certified organic, but they do use only organic methods. We carefully monitor and support our farmers in using organic methods. We are “organically grown” with love and care.

The first reason is that South Africa has no organic standards. Many SA farms therefore seek EU and US organic certifications. The second reason is that for small-scale urban farmers organic certification is not attainable given the time, administration, and money required. We are however looking into a new national, voluntary organic certification called the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS).

Produce from our gardens is grown using organic farming methods which includes those of biodynamics and permaculture. No artificial, synthetic chemicals are allowed in the gardens, and all farmers are trained to use natural pest and disease control. All gardens sign a farmer agreement that they will not use artificial chemicals in the garden, or else that produce can no longer be bought. Our gardens are also randomly inspected by trained field staff.

All Harvest of Hope members and the public are invited to visit our gardens.

Can I select which items can go into my bag?

Unfortunately not. Currently we have a rotating variety of seasonal items. We only grown in season and what grows well locally in the Cape Flats. We do this to partner with the farmer so they continue to grow local and seasonal. This partnership with our farmers and focus on seasonal is what makes HoH unique.

Seasonal veggies provide us the nutrients we need in that season specifically. Mother Nature gives us vitamins to match the season, for seasonal tips on menu planning we add recipes and partner with local chefs for ideas on how to eat your way through the seasons.

Why are there so many green leafy veggies in my bag?

First of all let us quote your mother, “Eat Your Greens”! However on a serious note, we bunch and send leaves attached to many veggies you would see trimmed down for shelf life and “aesthetics” in a grocery store. We also stick to growing a variety that supports a consistent income for our farmers. #FarmerFocused #EatLocal #EatInSeason

What happened to my veggie bag?

Let us check your account for you! We ask members pay a month in advance rather than after. Did you just get back from a holiday? Maybe ask us to put your account on hold? Give us a call and we will look for you. Remember: Please check the sticker before you grab another persons bag leaving them with a puzzle of who’s bag to take instead.  Mistakes can happen, but we do our best to sort it out!

Fewer items than indicated?

Yikes – This is not good. Please let us know. We check trucks for run away veggies but sometimes veggie bags, if left unattended, can be missing veggies. Please let us know right away.

Why are the veggies so small?

Organically grown means we rely on sun, soil quality, and love! While they might not be as “big” as conventional vegetables, they are more all natural and much more healhy.

Why is there soil on my veggies?

We appreciate you not saying “dirt”, it is living soil. Our farmers do their best to harvest and wash all their veg on a Tuesday morning before being delivered in your bag. Please rinse upon receipt of super fresh veggies!

Why are there insects on my veggies?

If your little friend (aphid, snail or worm) is still living it means that our veggies are definitely free of chemicals and pesticides. Simply put them outside and wash the vegetables well.

Why are my veggies squashed?

Our job is to get you your fresh veggies looking as amazing as when we receive them from our farmers. Please let us know if something arrives damaged and we will rectify the situation as best as possible.

Why is my name tag upside down?

We promise this is not to make you do head stands to fetch veggies and apologies for the inconvenience. Please check carefully you have your veggies!

Why are my veggies late?

Our drop off and pick up times are part of a larger veggie logistics supply chain. We are the entire pick up to delivery system so if someone is slow to harvest we are delayed in our delivery.

Our team will try and let you know as soon as possible if we are running late due to farmers, veggies, or the occasional interruption in (crazy) traffic around Cape Town. Our drivers take the same routes so we should be able to tell you where they are if you give us a call before you head out to your pick up location.

Keep our Facebook page handy (shh not if you are at work of course) and we will share updates the morning of delivery. We also rely on our local champions to help keep you posted about any last minute changes.

Do I have to sign up every month?

All orders are recurring – meaning until you “break up with us” your veggies will keep coming. If you need to take a break, we understand. Just contact us to let us know and we will make the temporary hold on your veggie account.  You may also chose to donate your bag while you are away.

What happens if there are five weeks in a month?

Hmmm….. Not sure. Let’s me check and get back to you!

Why didn’t I receive my invoice, updates or correspondence?

We have moved to a new system – all invoices will be automatically sent at the end of each month. If you pay quarterly this is to ensure you are getting the right bags or boxes and if you pay monthly this is a monthly reminder to pay for your membership. We realize you might have taken a break or gone on holiday, to see where you are on payments to veggies, please request a statement by contacting us.

More Questions?

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please call us on  021 – 371 1653 or contact us via email.