Good news

Dear HoH clients, our farmers have started planting seeds and seedlings again after the recent rains and we hope to get our box deliveries back up an running before the year is out, so please watch this space.  We are currently still supplying wholesale to restaurants and hotels. 
Many thanks for your ongoing support!
The HoH team

About Harvest of Hope

Harvest of Hope is the market which connects the farmer to the customer. It was set up as a social business and is a community-supported agriculture system (commonly referred to as a CSA model) that connects the producer and consumers within the food system more closely.  It allows the consumer to subscribe to the harvest of the Abalimi farmers and thus share the risks of farming through the purchase of fresh organic vegetable boxes.

Harvest of Hope is an extension of the services offered by Abalimi Bezekhaya (meaning farmers of the home in isiXhosa) in the form of a social business enterprise. Abalimi’s aim is to provide basic human necessities for indigent persons, by assisting impoverished groups and communities within the area of greater Cape Town known as the Cape Flats to establish and maintain their own vegetable gardens, so as to enable those groups and communities to supplement their existing, inadequate supply of food.

Abalimi is focused on the advancement of food security through providing support and training residents of townships to grow their own vegetables. Harvest of Hopelinks the farmer’s produce with the market demand for healthy, chemical and pesticide free, locally grown vegetables.

Harvest of Hope guarantees the purchase of the vegetables grown by the Abalimi farmers, allowing them to focus on building their skills and ensuring that their vegetables are of the highest quality. Abalimi provides support to the farmers in production planning, soil infrastructure, planning harvests, access to seeds and seedlings, vegetable transportation, and financial services to be able to run their micro farms.

Harvest of Hope is a relationship built on trust between the Abalimi urban farmers and the members of Harvest of Hope. This trust builds income security for the farmers, as well as more availability of healthy food for families across the Western Cape.

During 2017 Harvest of Hope sold 11 964 veggie boxes (4 250 medium boxes,  6 070 small boxes and 1 644 OZCF boxes) through 30 different collection points around the City of Cape Town.  Customers donated a total of 98 veggie boxes to the three different charity associations which was used to feed disadvantaged children.